Welcome To Junkbox

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

My  name is Herb , Im 30 years old, i love playing golf, and baseball, i have a 4 yr old son named Luke, and i love music. I work in landscape, i paint, and i wait tables. You may have passed me today on a busy street, or sat next to me on a bus. i may live next door to you. i live in a suburban town, right outside Chicago, about 45 minutes from down town, and am a die hard Chicago Bears fan. I grew up playing sports as a child in central Georgia. i had many hopes and dreams as a young boy, in fact, i remember walking up to the microphone at the 5th grade graduation program put on by my school and saying, ” my name is Stevie, and when i grow up, I’m gonna be a professional baseball player!”
You know what i didn’t say?” I wanna be a heroin addict when i grow up”.
Throughout this newest venture in my life, which is junkbox diaries, i plan to navigate you through my experiences as a struggling young man from Valparaiso, indiana. a place that, at first  glance, seems to be the american dream, breeding nothing but champions. and it is, i love this town, its beautiful here, the community is great, the people are kind and the town is clean. There are alot of good things going on here in this section of great lakes splendor, which we affectionately refer to as “the region”.but there is something else about this region of ours, Its flooded with Heroin and Junkies.
I remember the first time i tried heroin. and it wasn’t just a decision i made one day  while day dreaming in my algebra class. You see, there’s a common misconception about the nature of the disease of addiction, and yes it is a disease, i know because i suffer from it- if you disagree with me, then please feel free to write your own blog and try to convince me that im wrong, i wont read it, but good luck with that. i was 17 yrs old and i became intrigued by what was going on in the “other room” at some of my high school friends’ parties.i tried it and loved it. a decision i will be facing for the rest of my life.


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