Almost seven years ago, a woman took a chance on a guy living in a halfway house named Herb. He didn’t have anything. No phone, no home of his own, no car, I believe at the time they met he was cutting grass to make ends meet. He was fresh off a decade long battle with drug addiction, and was fighting just to be able to see his son. Herb didn’t know much about who he was, or where this life would take him. For some reason, however, She saw something in him. Upon their meeting, it was as if they had known each other for ever. They were kindred spirits. They had this immediate connection.

She was a single mother of three, working long hours to support herself and her children. They spent as much time together as they could. It felt right. It felt like they had been searching for each other for a very long time. They did everything together. For Herb, he knew she was the one, almost right away. He could feel it in his bones. They were best friends. These two worked their asses off, with grit and dedication to put a life together that they could all be proud of! It certainly was not easy. They climbed up from an empty house with zero furniture, to milestone after milestone. They were making this family life work!

When they first began their relationship seriously, Herb had begun telling Tiffany his story. He told her about all of the drug addiction, the poverty, he told her everything. He also told her that even though he was on a path of growth, healing, and recovery, that setbacks may in fact be in his future; for there is no cure to what lies inside of him. Together they made a promise, to never give up on one another, no matter what life threw at them. And they have stuck to that promise to this very day.

Well, as you all have read by now, there were tremendous setbacks for Herb. His life, and his mind have never quite been what most people experience. Things got so dark for Herb that he often contemplated taking his own life, but Tiffany never left his side. She never gave up on him, even when she considered that he may not make it himself. She was his wife, best friend, counselor, confidant, hand holder, outlet, she was his cornerstone throughout all of his life. In spite of Herb’s personal struggles, they remained dedicated to one another, and as a result they climbed and they climbed. No matter how bad things seemed to get internally for Herb, She never left his side. They made a promise, they swore a vow to one another. “Through sickness, and in health” as long as they both shall live. And Herb had gotten sick again. She stuck by him as if he were battling cancer. She was there praying with and for him when his brother died, she held his hands and dried his tears as he sobbed in tremendous grief. She was there when his mental health was declining. She knew that what was happening in his mind was Illness, and not some kind of moral failing. She saw him like no one else could, He was her special man, and she was his sweet girl.

As the battles waged on inside of him, she was there to guard and protect him, she was there many nights to hold his hand, and to hug his neck; assuring him that he was safe, and that everything was going to be alright. The more she held close, often, the more he would push away. He had never known love, he had never known trust, and he had never known true friendship. She was showing him all of these things and more, now. But it required him to let her, and he was trying his best, in spite of the war ongoing in his head. He spiraled and spiraled, she persisted with his aid. She was not going to lose the love of her life to himself. She was standing in the gap for him. He would do it for her. They were all that each other had, and more. They were soulmates, they were destined to be, and they had each others back.

Herb eventually began to bottom out, he was losing his internal war. Tiffany was there every step of the way, to help him pick up the pieces, and to help him reconcile. Though she wanted to give up, and walk away at times, they loved each other too much to quit. They made a promise to each other, in front of God, their families, and to the world. They were home to one another.

Eventually Herb finally admitted defeat, and asked for some help with his mental struggles, and Tiffany was there every step of the way. She made arrangements with his family and company for him to go to treatment, she looked after Luke for him while he was there. She walked his struggles out with him, as if they were her own. She never left him, betrayed him, and she never doubted him for a second. She has been the only one who could ever really see him, all this time; even when he could not see himself.

He knew she was the one the first time he laid eyes on her, and she still is to this very day. She is Her. She is it. She is his very best friend, his soul mate and twin flame. They are best friends, they are a power couple, they are unstoppable. They belong together.

Throughout all of this bittersweet, up and down, success and failure alike, one constant has remained. Them. Herb and Tiffany. In all of this beautiful and tragic world, with so much wander and awe, nothing compares in his eyes, to his sweet girl. She is all that he sees. She is it. She is Her.

I will forever be in debt to her, with such tremendous gratitude, because she never gave up on me; even when NO ONE would have blamed her for walking away. She was all I had at times, and she knew I needed her. She has saved my life more times than I can count. She is a hundred reasons why I am still alive. If you see me, I see her.

“All I’m worth is just this promise that I made to you, to stand beside you just like you have stood beside me.”


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