As the dust and debris began to settle

only puffs of dirt colored swirls remained

A figure emerged shadowy- no features discernible

but written on his face was pain.

Clothes dirty and tattered falling off his frame like rags

the smithereens from his life strewn from miles around

pill bottles, and cans, crack pipes and bags

seemingly born at this very instant, 37 and one half years

decades of downloads of serious trauma

nightmares of crime scenes between his ears

a high pitched wine and ringing in his brain

from the percussion of the boom

reverberations still quaking extremities still shaking

His entire being an empty room

It was as if he had just appeared out of thin air completely spontaneous

to instantly exist in a breath a human man

A form, a being clearly visible through the dust

but to himself he felt shapeless

Like slipping on on outer suit

Like stepping into a robot shell

looking out at his limbs taking in his surroundings

which seemed like a desert city back alley

just outside of downtown hell

No recollection of his real name and barely able to think

Total confusion throughout

Fear clutched

Every muscle felt weak

Did he time travel here, bringing memories of a former life

its as if he just cut through dimensions

and emerged into 3-d colored light

echoes of pain from the first of his lives

feelings of shame from his second

some pride and regrets mixed up in his third

combined in the 4th were his weapons

knowledge and wisdom, experience and insight

somehow existed inside

its as if he just stepped into now

downloaded and programmed with life

He arose He appeared He existed

A burst of energy came forth

An epicenter of massive proportions

Like space and suffering gave birth

his first three lives a metamorphosis

like steeping out of blackness

no space and no time existed before

only memories of chaos and madness

Fully clothed in filthy bloody garb

but somehow he felt naked

big exaggerated stitches held together his heart

this was the place he would make it

His eyes adjusted to this brand new realm, he took in the whole wide scope

slowly began walking one foot and then another

a new feeling develops


As though he had shed 3 previous skins

This 4th new suit it seemed right

He felt as though 1000 lives he had lived

as he staggered out toward the light.

with every hobbled step more knowledge he would gain

his realization was not far off

he could feel his mind flesh take shape

as his legs plucked along

his brain was developing thought

His recall catching up as his mind took shape

he was remembering it all right now

He had finally unplugged from his suffering trance

He had just been born again

All he could mumble, was “wow”

Bright vivid colors and the whisper of wind

He was finally experiencing life

its as though he had awoken from a dream

as though he was born out of light

A flash and a blink and now he is here

no more dread no more fear, no more pain no more fright.

3 Previous lives of growth pain and development


Incubating in worse than death

suffering, confusion and gnashing of teeth

he finally made it to the end

more and more he became aware

He finally knew what he was

his walk became straighter

he was finally starting to take shape

He had an identity now

in this life would be greater

HE was a man, who finally came of age

but not solely as a result of time

it took death and it took pain

for him to explode and transcend

into this new dimension and this new plane

his final life would now begin


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