Recovery is Possible

I started this venture, which is Junkbox diaries in January of 2016. In hopes of shedding some light on what addiction really is and how it actually affects people.The stories that I tell are real and raw.Sometimes too raw. They are experiences, rarely opinions. Addiction is ugly, it’s a family and a community disease. Although it may dwell in one person in particular, it widely affects many people; the family, the neighbors, the community. Everyone from the police officers who have arrested me, to the innocent patrons of local gas stations I have pan handled from.  Growing up in the 1990’s and 2000’s, the war on drugs and the prevention and awareness campaigns sounded like “Just say NO’, Scruff McGruff, D.A.R.E, G.R.E.A.T, and “This is your brain on drugs” as a young man fried an egg in a hot iron skillet. Very rarely was there ever a vivid and real picture painted as to what kinds of things would actually unfold in the life of an addict. Jails, Institutions, Death. Overdoses, homelessness, dereliction, theft, lies, manipulation, fear, guns, and hopelessness.

My aim is not only to paint a picture of what addiction is, by sharing my nightmarish experiences, but to share some hope to anyone who might be struggling out there. A true to life miracle is happening for me and many other addicts world wide. The miracle of recovery.

All can, Some will, None must- Recovery is a decision made of desire. An addict will ultimately change and recover when the pain of change is less than the pain of staying the same. Desire is the key word of recovery. Recovery is a program of choice and willingness. And I have come to find out that only when we are beaten do we become willing.

“An addict, any addict can get clean, stay clean, recover and find a new way of life” Recovery IS POSSIBLE.

Welcome to Junkbox Diaries.

Fireworks light up the sky after a local baseball game. The game was attended by roughly 50 recovering addicts- celebrating life and enjoying America’s past time clean.